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This Is Our Campus

Young Adult Part-time Job
Academic Coaching
Nutrition Coaching

Because we are not the type of program with specific admission dates or a set group of other students you are tied to during your time here, we are able to tailor an experience that is unique to you. Our program is intentionally different because we don't believe in a one size fits all approach. 

While every week is fluid and somewhat different, here is a sampling of many of the things students are coached on, and engage in, on a regular basis.

  • Meeting with your coach at the beginning of the week to map it out and make sure you're being productive and moving toward your goals.

  • Having a nutritional coaching session to further understand how what we eat impacts our physical and mental health.

  • Joining a group activity doing something in and around Boston such as visting a museum, attending a festival, sightseeing, maybe taking in a Red Sox game, or taking a trip to the beach.

  • For students with academic goals, maybe they are taking a college class or two to stay engaged academically and meeting with coaches around improving study skills, time management, and organziation.

  • Many of our students want to have a job while at Reset, so part of their week may be spent working, which also gives them the opportunity to sometimes engage in financial coaching and budgeting.

  • We encourage students in our apartments to do a group meal each week so they can also connect and have a sense of community.

  • Getting out into the diverse community of Somerville, Cambridge, and Boston to experience the area on your terms.

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