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It's All About Balance

Young Adult Program Areas of Balance


Our heads are the control center for everything, which is why our mental health is so important. This area of balance includes Intellectual, Financial, and Career pursuits. These areas can include starting or re-entering college, learning a new skill, or seeking knowledge in an area that inspires you. Our financial and career coaching help them see that these areas are a vital part of living an independent life and contribute to our overall well-being.


If our heads are the control center, our hearts are the compass in our lives. We split this area of balance into Social and Family, coaching young adults to seek out like-minded peers, and also work to foster friendships and social groups. Because family is often such a defining part of our life, we support them in looking at what they want that relationship to be like as they grow into young adulthood and redefine who they are. 


Without a body that is healthy, not much else matters. In this area, we focus on the Physical as well as  Nutrition by coaching students to move their bodies regularly in a way that feels good and fits in their life. By raising their awareness around meal planning, and that what they are putting in their grocery cart ends up in their bodies, they gain first hand experience that the balance between the physical and nutrition leads to a healthy lifestyle. 

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