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Our Coaching

We use Areas of Balance as our guide in coaching. We first break the areas into Head, Heart, and Body, then further break those areas down to support students in finding balance.



Whether it's pursuing a college class or degree, learning a new skill or language, reading, writing, or anything else that stimulates our brain, intellectual pursuits are a vital part of a balanced life. We coach and support students not only in following through on what interests them but also in actually finding out what does in the first place. Our students have taken college classes, gotten degrees, pursued certificates in film or cyber-security, take pottery or woodworking classes, poetry workshops, and just about anything else you can think of. If you want to do it, we can help make it happen.


An important aspect of ultimately being able to lead a truly independent life is not only the ability to make money but also the skill needed to understand and manage it. We support students with coaching around budgeting, spending, how to save for an apartment of their own, and even things like investing in stocks. We also coach young adults around vocational and career choices, helping them craft or fine-tune their resumes, learn how to network, secure an internship in a field they are interested or get out into the workforce with a part or full-time job.



Human beings are social creatures, and having people to share things with is essential to our well-being. When we feel lonely or isolated it becomes increasingly hard to feel balanced or happy. This doesn't mean having alone time isn't important as well, so we coach young adults on the differences between alone and loneliness, and also how to identify what they need for a healthy social life. We help them navigate this tricky landscape, see how their social life is connected to other areas of balance, and make sure they are not isolated.


Families can be challenging to navigate for so many of us, no doubt about it. Getting to a place with our family that we feel good about is vital, and that can, and does, look very different for all of us. As a young adult, you are not a child anymore, and therefore some aspects of your relationship with your parents need to be redefined and updated. Our coaching helps in figuring out how to accomplish that. We support with regular check-ins, so parents are kept informed of progress and challenges, and so new communication patterns can be established.



We can be taking care of everything else, but if we neglect our body, it's all for nothing. We encourage our students to move each day in a way that works for them. For some, that means going to a conventional gym, while others may choose to enroll in yoga classes, a rock climbing gym, parkour,  or do something on their own such as running, walking, or being part of a sports league. Our young adults often talk to us about how once they establish the habit of an exercise routine, they notice how it impacts other areas of their lives in positive ways, which is exactly what our coaching is aimed to do.


You could have the nicest car in the world, but without gas or electricity for power, it's not going anywhere. Our body is no different. What we consume is quite literally what fuels us and makes all other areas of balance possible. Our nutritional coaching starts with meal planning, moves to grocery shopping and what a balanced cart looks like, and ends with what is on the plate. We help our young adults better understand the connection between nutrition, physical, and mental health and to take ownership of what they purchase, consume, and how they feel.

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