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Is Reset Boston A Good Fit For You?

Finding a place that is the right fit and at the right time, is paramount to a young adult having a valuable experience. Any program that claims to be able to work with anyone, or is vague about who may not be a good fit for them, should be scrutinized. While we pride ourselves at Reset in the work we do, we also know our limits, and we don't ever want to be in a situation where we over-promise and under-deliver. ​


If any of these examples describe you to some degree, then it might be a good idea to connect.


  • You may have struggled with drugs or alcohol but are managing it well now.

  • You have confronted your relationship with food and body image, and though it's still a journey you are in a good place and are open to continued support around it.

  • You feel ready for a healthy level of independence and freedom in your life.

  • You are open to new experiences and are aware that defaulting to "no" for everything isn't productive.

  • The idea of having a coach who can support you in identifying and going after what you want is exciting to you.

  • This is your choice, no one else's, and you are choosing this because you are ready to take the next step in your life and move closer to a fulfilling and independent life.


If any of these examples are similar to where you're at, we may not be the best fit:​

  • You have an active addiction that you currently are not managing well.

  • You are struggling with an active eating disorder and are not yet in the maintenance phase.

  • You are in need of staff supervision extensively.

  • You are looking for a program where you are with a cohort for your entire stay

  • You are not open at the moment to new ways of doing things or to working with a coach.

  • You're just going to come here to get mom and dad off your back.


And if any of those do describe where you're at, there is certainly no shame or judgment, it's just that we wouldn't be the best spot at this time for you and there are other places that would serve your needs more effectively before you arrive here.

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