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Weekend Trip To Montreal


Getting our students out and moving is a vital part of what we do at Reset Boston. Sometimes that looks like just being out and about in Boston, and other times it can be going away for a weekend trip, which is what we just did. And it was awesome!


In an effort to explore a new place and culture and also have it not be too far from Boston, we decided on Montreal. We wanted to explore a new place and learn about a culture that was different from ours. Montreal is just different enough to allow students to go through customs and be in a place where they can get by without knowing a foreign language while still hearing French all around them. 


It was about getting out of Boston, taking a break from the daily routine, and also getting experience with what taking a weekend trip looks like. Going away for three days helped charge their batteries, so to speak. Breaking up routines is a part of any good adventure. 


Planning the trip and talking about what we would see and do are vital parts of learning how to "road trip." Jumping in a van with roommates or friends and driving a few hundred miles to check out something different is a rite of passage. We wanted our students to experience this, as many of them had not. 


In Montreal, we stayed at a hotel in the heart of downtown and were able to walk to most places. The "old port" really had the look and feel of old Montreal. We went to the Montreal Museum of Archaeology and History, and everyone loved it. The large underground museum displays foundations and archaeology evidence from the very first settlement in colonial times, in addition to an array of displays, exhibits, and an extensive tunnel. It is a must-see if you're ever in the city.


While spending time in Old Port, we also took in the Notre-Dame Basilica, Montreal's oldest Catholic church, which is stunning in architecture and beauty, in addition to the Bonsecours Market. Strolling along St. Paul Street enabled us to take in all these sites. It was just a wonderful day. 


On our second evening, we went to the Saint Joseph's Oratory of Mont Royal, which is the highest point in Montreal. We did this at sunset, and the view of Montreal was amazing. The Oratory is absolutely stunning. We further explored Mount Royal Park, which was designed by the same person who designed Central Park in NYC. 


On our last day, we spent time at Olympic Park, which was designed for the 1976 Olympics and is now the home of several venues, from sports to music concerts. We went to the Biodome de Montreal and loved walking through the five ecosystems of America that are incredibly well done with hundreds of species of plants and animals. 


And food! We had pastries and coffee at little French bakeries throughout Old Montreal, in addition to having wonderful group dinners at some fantastic restaurants. We were all happy to be back in Boston after our three-day road trip to experience Montreal while thoroughly enjoying our Reset Boston road trip adventure. There will be more to come!

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