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College Friends

Helping young adults recalibrate, achieve balance, and build skills to lead independent lives.

Who We Coach

The majority of our young adults are between 18 and 26. Some are considering college or have already been and are using this as a gap experience. Others are wanting to explore vocational or creative goals and move toward more independence.

How We Coach

We offer comprehensive coaching services that support young adults on their journey to independence. Using areas of life balance as our guide we support them with the physical, emotional, spiritual, financial, family, and social aspects of their lives.

Where It Happens

Our residence is in Somerville, MA, and we also have students in their own housing in and around Boston. This beautiful city and its surroundings serve as our campus, and we love exploring, experiencing, and sharing it with all of our students.


Our team has decades of combined experience working with teens and young adults in just about any environment you can imagine. From wilderness counseling to outdoor adventure, from therapeutic boarding schools to residential treatment programs, and from traditional and non-traditional academic environments to

college admissions counseling, we've done it all.

Beyond that, what we all share is a passion for coaching young adults to get honest about what is holding them back, and support them in making connections around what is working and what is not. We help them see that balance is more than just a word, that it's a vital step toward them living a fully independent and fulfilling life.  

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